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Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages

Proven tips to reduce the costly operational impacts By Jason D. Reid, Senior Advisor, National Life Safety Group There is a high return on investment for having your workplace staff and building operations personnel prepared for suspicious packages and bomb threat...

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Property Managers…Recognized Crisis Managers

Property managers in the Greater Toronto Area are no strangers to putting out proverbial fires. In fact, it's not a stretch to suggest property managers tackle some form of crisis on a weekly basis, whether it's addressing facility safety concerns, building security...

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Human Resources and Workplace Crisis Management

A wholesome Corporate Crisis Management Program doesn’t exclude solid executive leadership, and a proactive approach from your organizations Human Resources Teams. Whether the emergency is within your workplace, building, or simply in your surrounding community, HR...

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Basics of “Life Safety” in Property Management

All over the world, facilities and workplaces have long provided resources and proactive programs to enhance building operations and security; unfortunately, these important programs -rarely address the integral component of fire and life safety. For example,...

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