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Extreme Weather and Workplace Safety

Emergency Planning Extreme weather has and always will be considered a major hazard within the realm of emergency management professionals.  With little warning, the weather has a long history of impacting public safety and property operations For most Ontario...

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Suspicious incident awareness

 With recent and unfortunate security incidents occurring in Canada, proactive public & private sector security programs managers are educating their front line security staff, as well as business units across their organization.  Front Line Security is being...

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Surviving Medical Emergencies in High-Rise Buildings

Articles, Condoland, Fall 2016 Implementing enhanced condo emergency procedures provides residents a higher chance of survival in the event of a medical emergency. Building supervisory staff should be trained on how to reduce vertical response times in the event of a...

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Disturbing facts as 2016 Fire Prevention Week launches

Disturbing facts in Ontario: 35 per cent of fatal home fires over the last five years, there was no smoke alarm warning. In 13 per cent of those fires, there were no smoke alarms at all. 11 deaths in Hamilton, Ontario this year alone as Fire Departments bring ongoing...

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Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays!!

At Work… Take this time to review your workplace emergency procedures. Never hang holiday decorations from sprinkler heads / pipes, or in a manner that would impede their intended use. Choose decorations that are flame-retardant, non-combustible and non-conductive. Do...

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Property Managers…Recognized Crisis Managers

Property managers in the Greater Toronto Area are no strangers to putting out proverbial fires. In fact, it's not a stretch to suggest property managers tackle some form of crisis on a weekly basis, whether it's addressing facility safety concerns, building security...

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