White powder found inside two envelopes in Toronto

Federal building in Gatineau declared safe after three-hour evacuation due to HAZMAT Incident.

“At Risk” employees such as Administrative Assistants, Mailroom Personnel and Security Staff should have a awareness level of hazards and their risks, to effectively deal with suspicious packages, “white powder envelopes”, and associated hazardous materials. The actions of staff in the first five minutes of a hazardous materials incident will ultimately determine the length of lost time due to a C.B.R.N.E Incident. Quite simply, if your organization is unprepared to receive and respond to these threats…the impact will be greater – So will with the associated downtime for you organization, and associated losses.

Despite the obvious safety benefits in better responding to these threats, lets talk about what motivates the C Suite to better prepare their workplace….Costs.

At risk staff, should be trained to “do the right things” prior to the arrival of Emergency Responders to effectively, and safely, react to any CBRNE issues they may encounter.

An unprepared workplace can be impacted several hours, often impacting the entire building when these incidents in Canada have been handled incorrectly. However, a prepared workplace, and a prepared building security team can limit this impact and significantly reduce the amount of time your employees are out of work. Now that’s a Return on Investment positively impacting safety and business continuity !