Disturbing facts in Ontario:

  • 35 per cent of fatal home fires over the last five years, there was no smoke alarm warning. In 13 per cent of those fires, there were no smoke alarms at all.
  • 11 deaths in Hamilton, Ontario this year alone as Fire Departments bring ongoing awareness to “working” smoke alarms.
  • On average, 36 injuries and six fatalities from home fires occur in October each year.
  • Top ignition sources for the month of October include cooking, heating equipment and electrical distribution equipment (i.e., wiring).

Please join me, and the dedicated team at National Life Safety Group in promoting  Fire Prevention Week; October 9-15, 2016.

“The theme of Fire Prevention Week this year is Don’t Wait, Check the Date of your smoke alarms,” says Jason Reid, Senior Advisor; National Life Safety Group.

“Smoke alarms don’t last forever. So we challenge everyone to take a selfie of their family checking the expiry date of their smoke alarms and post it on social media, to show everyone your alarm’s up to date.”  This challenge is for both home owners and property managers. Professional Property Managers have an opportunity to strengthen the building’s safety by ensuring their family of residents also change their smoke alarms.

Smoke alarms wear out over time and need to be replaced within the time frame indicated by the manufacturer, usually 10 years. The date of manufacture is indicated on the back of the smoke alarm and the expiry date is taken from that date. While smoke alarms typically last 10 years, some have different expiry time frames. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for the expiry time frame of your smoke alarms.

National Life Safety Group also reminds you that smoke alarms are required on every storey of your home and outside all sleeping areas. Test all of your smoke alarms monthly by pushing the test button on the alarm, and replace batteries at least once a year or when the alarm’s low battery signal begins to chirp.

For more information about smoke alarms, visit the Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management’s website at www.ontario.ca/firemarshal.